Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck Tow Hitch

What is the most annoying thing about gooseneck couplers?

Having to climb into the bed of the truck to lock them in place! Andersen Manufacturing, Inc. has designed the EZ Goose and the Ultimate Gooseneck Connection to eliminate this annoying requirement.

The EZ Goose and Ultimate Gooseneck Connection carry the same time-tested remote locking cable as our popular Ranch Hitch Adapter. Plus, they have a bell-shaped coupler that acts like a ball funnel!

No need to jockey back and forth to get your tow ball exactly under your gooseneck. If you are within 3 inches in any direction, the belled coupler will funnel the ball into place. A quick 1/4 turn of the remote cable handle and you are locked on and ready to roll.